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The Courage Faith Connection
I stood glued to the T.V. screen as a fifteen year old girl spoke to the crowd.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 28, 2014

Ageless Wonder
One of the big topics in the business world is how to handle having so many generations in the workforce at the same time.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 21, 2014

Power is a complicated word
Power must be one of those words that gives people fits when they are trying to learn the English language.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 14, 2014

A story for another time.
I snore. There, I’ve said it to anyone who happens to be listening.
Author: Linda Soller | Jul 07, 2014

Who is in your village?
There is a frequently cited African proverb that says, “It takes a village to raise a child.”
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 30, 2014

A Special Hall of Fame
A few weekends back I had the distinct honor of attending the installation of the very first class of inductees into the Herndon High School Athletics Hall of Fame.
Author: Linda Soller | Jun 23, 2014