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Vote for Gratitude
The morning was cool and rainy, yet I woke up energetic and ready to go. It was election day! I was particularly excited this year to be able to vote. My initial plan was to get some exercise by walking to the polling location at the nearby elementary school.
Author: Linda Soller | Nov 12, 2018

You can...
In our country we are familiar with disagreement and competition, but not accustomed to the level of hostile rhetoric and name calling our country is currently experiencing. Our comfort zone
Author: Linda Soller | Nov 05, 2018

Facing Fear
With all our talk about fear, I fear you may think that being fearful is something you should be ashamed of. That simply isn’t true. Fear is part of being human, part of living a full life. It’s easy for me to write about being strong and leaning on God when life frightens you, because
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 29, 2018

Routine Fear
Simple everyday fears can be the worst even if you don’t recognize them as “fears.” You rush from your house fearing you will be late for work, again?
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 22, 2018

Survive to thrive
This month in our Drop-In class we are looking at fear. It seems to fit the Halloween season. And we have a perfect example from the Bible in the story of Job. We all experience hardships at one time or another and sometimes, when those hardships pile up on us, we can become fearful that we can’t get through the difficult time.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 15, 2018

It's Really a Shame
At church we have been looking at how we should value and protect children. I heard the word shame and frankly I felt like it was one of those words I use but can’t adequately define.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 08, 2018



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