Routine Fear

Linda Soller | Oct 22, 2018

Simple everyday fears can be the worst even if you don’t recognize them as “fears.” You rush from your house fearing you will be late for work, again? You sit in the waiting room fearing your car won’t pass inspection and you will have another expense, but no extra money to pay the bill. You put off seeing the doctor because you haven’t lost the weight or started the exercise you discussed at your last visit. You fear they will put you on medication. These are daily routine fears (or worries) people face. I know you could list many more. 


Some might tell you that the Bible instructs us not to worry at all. Personally, I think the Bible instructs us not to let worries rule our lives. You fear you will be late for work, but instead of spending your drive time thinking of excuses maybe you should spend it thinking of ways to leave your house a bit earlier. You fear your car may need repairs but avoiding the inspection and possibly driving an unsafe vehicle isn’t the answer. You didn’t follow your doctor’s instruction. So, you put off a visit where the doctor might fuss and might give you a lifesaving prescription. While you put off the visit your health continues to deteriorate. To fall victim to our fears and worries prevents us from living the lives God wants for us.


I know about these fears. We all have them. I don’t think you can go through life worry free. I think human nature and active minds contribute to us worrying and fretting or fearing about what might be. At the same time, I feel strongly that God gives us the support we need to overcome our fears. Our faith helps us face obstacles. The next time you find yourself worrying and feeling fearful stop and take a deep breath. Remember the strength you have in God. Allow your faith to win out over your fear. Maybe this Bible verse will help. Matthew 19:26 “But Jesus looked at themand said to them, “With men this is impossible, butwith God all things are possible.”


I wish you a fearless week!  :o) Linda




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