Survive to thrive

Linda Soller | Oct 15, 2018

This month in our Drop-In class we are looking at fear. It seems to fit the Halloween season. And we have a perfect example from the Bible in the story of Job. We all experience hardships at one time or another and sometimes, when those hardships pile up on us, we can become fearful that we can’t get through the difficult time. I understand that thought process, but I think we can get through the tough times, indeed I think we must work hard to survive those times, so we can thrive once again.


Daily we read of tragedies around the world. No country is immune to natural disasters, no season passes without some catastrophic weather event, and it seems no amount of planning can protect someone from that one chance in a million accident. This was made all too clear when tragically 20 people died in NY in a single car accident. As of this writing I don’t know exactly what has been blamed. The limousine carried people who thought they had planned wisely. I can’t believe the driver intended to crash whether he was familiar with the road or not, he most likely thought he would be returning home that night. The two innocent by-standers were just that. Twenty lives lost. Left behind are parents, children, friends, and neighbors. They must garner all the strength and faith they can if they are going to survive and thrive.


Here is where the story of Job can help. Despite all his tragedies and afflictions, despite his questioning and challenges to God, despite his sorrow and fear, he never lost faith that God would watch over him. Oh, he got tired of fighting, he grew angry and sad, but in his heart, he knew what he had to do. When others around him shook their heads and said why do you go on, he had faith. Life is no party. While the level of tragedy will not be the same in everyone’s life, the ability to be saved by faith and God’s grace is ever present. When others shake their heads and say how do you go on, just tell them you will survive to thrive another day, because you have God’s love.  


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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