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Facing Unwanted Change
We have been talking about self help lately and it’s all well and good when you pick something about yourself or your lifestyle that you want to change.
Author: Linda Soller | Apr 07, 2014

Your Personal Trainer
Last week I wrote about our Drop-In Class topic for March which has been - Self Help by the Book
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 31, 2014

Self Help by the Book
Have you ever turned to a self help book to help you reach a goal?
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 24, 2014

What a tease!
Excuse me if I whine for a minute, it’s just that we had a taste of spring recently and then it was gone as fast as it came.
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 17, 2014

Surprise Friend
Friends are wonderful things and they come in all shapes and sizes and species.
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 10, 2014

What a group!
Have you ever been part of a group that just evolved from people sharing a common interest to a group that seemed to magically bond?
Author: Linda Soller | Mar 03, 2014