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I know what I want
Finally, my kitchen is getting a long needed face lift and I know what I want.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 28, 2015

Now Don't Forget
It was Celebration Sunday at our church and particularly festive. Our sister Hispanic congregation provided wonderful music.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 21, 2015

Letting Go
It was the first day of school in Fairfax County Virginia and I was on my morning walk. As I walked along I wondered what impact the buses, and bus stops might have on my route.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 14, 2015

Yesterday my father’s side of the family celebrated the 100th consecutive family reunion at Mt. Horeb Church not too far from Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 07, 2015

It's your turn
I am driving home from work and I come up behind a pizza delivery car. The left turn light is blinking, and every time we come to a street or driveway the car slows a bit, sometimes hesitating, and then slowly moves on.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 31, 2015

What's your story?
Well it is official. I heard on the morning news faith helps a person lead a happier more satisfying life, and helps them face adversity. Yep, there’s a scientific study.
Author: Linda Soller | Aug 24, 2015