Health and Safety

Each child is required to have an up-to-date immunization and physical record on file prior to admission to the program.

Please notify us if your child has been exposed to a communicable disease. In turn, FBC WEEkday Preschool will notify parents if a child is exposed to a communicable disease at school.

We do not give medication to a child in the school without written consent and instructions from the doctor.  We must also have written consent from the parents.

In order to comply with the Code of Virginia, we are required to obtain proof of your child's identity and age. This proof can be in the form of a certified copy of the child's birth certificate, notification of birth (hospital, physician or midwife record) or a baptismal record.

Check with your child's teacher before sending in any special snacks or treats. Some children may be allergic to certain foods.

As a common courtesy, please keep your child home if they have the following: fever, diarrhea or vomiting in the previous 24-hour period. We want your child's time here to be enjoyable.

Fire drills are held monthly. The days and times will vary. Please prepare your child for this. We activate the actual alarm system and it is very loud.

It is necessary for your child to have an extra change of clothing. Accidents happen at lunch and during art projects as well as the bathroom.

If your child is not toilet trained, please send in disposable diapers and wipes. If your child is working on potty training, provide two (2) extra changes of clothing and if using pull-ups, please send extra pull-ups.

Be sure that the extra clothes are weather appropriate.

If someone other than yourself (or people listed in our files) is picking up your child, please send in written notification. You may also call the preschool office.

If you have arranged a play-date for your child, remember that we must receive written permission from each child's parent.