CarLine arrival time begins at 9:25 AM.
CarLine departure time begins at 1:25 PM.

Please do not pass other cars in the CarLine. This can be a dangerous situation for your child, other children and the teachers.

All cars will enter on the Elden Street side of the church and exit on the Monroe Street side of the church.  A teacher will put your child into the car and buckle your child into the car seat.  If you must adjust your child's seat, please move forward to do so.

Please hold your CarLine sign in the window of your car so that it can be seen.

If you are coming into the building, park where the CarlLine will not be disrupted.  Please park in the front part of the parking lot by Elden Street, and use the church doors facing Elden.  You may then exit to Elden Street.

If you need to talk to a teacher, park and come into the building and wait for the teacher to finish helping with the CarLine.