Art Activities

Art activities are basic and age appropriate.  Throughout the year we teach children using various tools from our activity centers.

Periodically we have a special art class. Artwork created in these special classes are displayed in the WEE Art Gallery (Hallway).  The Special Art Gallery showcase takes place from January through April.  You are invited to visit the school and browse through the "WEE Gallery" to see masterpieces of artwork created by our preschoolers.  These arts are fashioned after a great artist of our times.

The "WEE Gallery" is openJanuary's artist is Andrew Wyeth.  The children used white crayons to draw snowflakes on their landscapes, then used watercolor paint to reveal the snowflakes.

February's artist, in honor of Black History Month, is Faith Ringgold.  The children were encouraged to draw a picture, using colored pencils, of a memory they had of their family, i.e. vacations, picnics etc.   They glued pieces of fabric around the outside of their picture in order to give it a quilt like quality.  

Examples of art activities are:

  • Special art classes using themes fashioned after a great artist of our times
  • Making a collage of various materials
  • Creating with fingerpaints, watercolors, chalk, etc. 
  • Creating funny faces
  • Cutting and coloring
  • Making crayon rubbings
  • and more...