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Is there a House Wren in the house?
The other day workers at my house had the door open and a House Wren flew in.
Author: Linda Soller | Nov 04, 2013

How scary is that?
For the month of October the Drop In Class has been discussing things that scare us
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 28, 2013

A place for my Cherry Garcia ice cream
These last few weeks I’ve come to a whole new understanding of the expression, “when it rains it pours.”
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 21, 2013

Meditate on what?
A couple of weeks back I attended a professional meeting that dealt with the value of meditation in the work place.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 14, 2013

Making Connections
Herndon was a small town when I was growing up.
Author: Linda Soller | Oct 07, 2013

Life Lessons
It was on the news last week.
Author: Linda Soller | Sep 30, 2013