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Someone Said...

As we continue to explore the joys and the challenges of our summer vacation time, I thought you might like to read a few quotes.

Author: Linda Soller | Jul 15, 2024

Half the Fun?

I’ve heard it said that planning a vacation is half the fun. I question where the line is drawn between planning and preparing. I also question the fun part!

Author: Linda Soller | Jul 08, 2024

Time Together

We’ve been looking at what vacation means to each of us. A highlight of summer vacation for me is time together, especially with my grandkids. With school out there are plenty of opportunities for me to see them. It still requires some planning and effort on my part, but it’s always worthwhile.

Author: Linda Soller | Jul 01, 2024

Letting Go

Some groups disband for summer but not our knitting group. We are the Yarn Yarn Sisterhood (in reference to the movie the Ya Ya Sisterhood). We have a fun time gathering twice a month, supporting good causes, chatting, participating in special events, and OH Yes! knitting!

Author: Linda Soller | Jun 24, 2024