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The Pastor's Point of View

Passages from Sunday's Sermon

Use these passages to carry the sermon throughout your week.

Author: Sean Roberds | Jul 12, 2015

Faith and Percentages

When it comes to giving I think it is important for us to think in terms of percentages instead of amounts. The Story of the Widow’s Offering (Mark 12:41-44) helps us to see why percentages are an important way to think about giving.

Author: Sean Roberds | Feb 05, 2014

We are Rich!

In his book “How to Be Rich” Andy Stanley makes the point that most of us in America are already rich.

Author: Sean Roberds | Jan 28, 2014

Tithing 101

Tithing is the Biblical principle that instructs us to give 10% of what we receive back to God.

Author: Sean Roberds | Jan 22, 2014


Do you remember our vision statement? Well, in case you have forgotten it somehow, here it is; Be the presence of Christ by sharing the love of God one person at a time. Read it out loud a couple of times and let it sink deep down into your heart.

Author: Sean Roberds | Jan 15, 2014

Our Mission

I believe our church has been given a unique mission by God. God is calling us to do special ministry that no other church can do. Think about our church and the many things what make us unique. Even though Northern Virginia is growing in its racial diversity, few churches in this area are as diverse as we are.

Author: Sean Roberds | Jan 08, 2014

681 Elden St. Herndon
VA 20170-4722