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Pattern Change

Like many I enjoy the easier daily commutes. A result of so many people working from home. I notice the difference in my stress level when I get to work. However, in the middle of the day it feels like all the people at home decide to go out for a ride.

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 06, 2021


Last week I spoke of the village needed to raise our children. This week I am switching from selfless giving of one’s time, love, and energy to selfishness. I guess I’m tired of observing our very selfish culture. It’s not an age issue, or a race issue, it’s a human issue.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 30, 2021

The Village

I feel certain you have heard the expression “ it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it’s true. When you are the parent of a child you may find yourself thinking that your village has gone on retreat when you most need them. Which if we are being honest is 90% of the time.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 23, 2021

Picking Seashells

Some people collect seashells when at the beach. I pick them. The difference is subtle but important. When out walking along the beach I see people with bags full of shells. They seem to snatch them up quickly and easily.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 16, 2021

Surf Fishing

I do not fish. I have fished and I have observed fishing. On vacation one of my favorite things is to take and early morning walk along the beach. I watch for dolphins offshore, the sun rising in the sky, and people surf fishing. From my walks I have observed three primary types of surf fishing.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 09, 2021

What If?

Perhaps you are one of those people who thinks what if…? I am. I think it’s the planner in me. You know, be prepared for everything.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 02, 2021