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The Prayer Chain Link

At our church we have an active prayer chain. Members on the chain have submitted their emails to our administrator. Prayer and praise requests are submitted, and the administrator simply turns them around and sends them out.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 29, 2022

No Script Required

A script is given to actors to direct their communications and actions. For a life of faith there is no script required. Christians have tons of freedom.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 22, 2022

End of the Dock

I have started a new morning routine. My most recent routine began when the world went into our pandemic isolation. It’s time for a change.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 15, 2022

There then Gone

Having just returned from my family’s beach vacation my morning walk had moved to an earlier time. The heat at the beach was the driving factor and now at home the same oppressive heat makes an early start imperative.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 08, 2022

Race to the Finish

I am having a hard time believing it’s already August, and summer is all but gone. This mind set comes from my childhood. Summer activities would come to an end and our family would always vacation the last week of July.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 01, 2022

The Bambi Effect

When you live in a “wanna be” nature preserve as I do you should not grow attached to certain destructive critters.

Author: Linda Soller | Jul 25, 2022

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