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The Hebrew people knew they would face challenges when they escaped from Egypt. But with God’s support and a leader in Moses they did escape. The next challenge was reaching their promised land. In their day and age this would not be easy for the number of people in their group.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 20, 2023

Destination Uncertain

The Barred owl is very territorial and supposedly very verbal. From late winter into early spring these owls allow for an overlapping of territories in order to find a mate. Once the season is over, they return to familiar locations.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 13, 2023


For Lent our Drop-In Class began by discussing boundaries. It may seem like an odd topic, but it really makes total sense. There are Christians who think by simply being a person of faith you are guaranteed a life of plenty, a life that is problem free.

Author: Linda Soller | Mar 06, 2023


A Cooper’s Hawk circled overhead, occasionally adding a side loop, always squawking. Not a frantic squawk, more of a complaining squawk. Men at the house in front of mine were working on

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 27, 2023

Finding Your Voice

I awoke that Saturday morning with my spring allergies acting up. It was only February! I attended a four-hour knitting gathering where more talking than knitting is the norm. Next, I headed

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 20, 2023

Too Much Love?

This is the perfect week to ponder if there can ever be too much love. A few situations come to mind. There is obsessive love as in the hovering parent or spouse who fears losing someone’s love or even sharing it. They nearly smother

Author: Linda Soller | Feb 13, 2023

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