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What's New with You?

So, what's new with you? Well, it's a new year so there must be something. Maybe a new job, car, house, or computer? Or maybe you were thinking more along the line of something to do like a new hobby, or new sport, or goal to speak a foreign language?

Author: Linda Soller | Jan 02, 2023

The In-between

You have made it through the holidays, well almost. You are now in the gray area I call “The In-between” time. It’s a not so magical time when you awake unsure of what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to feel.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 26, 2022

The Light You See

It’s nearly impossible to go anywhere this time of year without seeing Christmas lights. But what do you really see?

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 19, 2022

What Brings You Joy?

If asked what brings you joy, would you have a ready answer? Joy is one of those feelings/emotions that can be so different for each person.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 12, 2022

The Reluctant Decorator

Is it socially unacceptable to admit to being a reluctant decorator at the holidays? I feel like it is. I am pretty sure if you are excited about Christmas then you are expected to be excited about decorating for Christmas.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 05, 2022

The Difference a Day Made

As a child I loved Thanksgiving. We always went to my Granny’s house. The grown-ups would eat in the dining room and we kids were in the kitchen. The day was lively and filled with good food, and I loved it.

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 28, 2022

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