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The Lure of Halloween

The celebration of Halloween had truly taken on a life of its own in the past ten years. More and more it’s a holiday for adults. Some would tell you this trend is driven by

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 01, 2021

Somewhat Observant

Much to my surprise I realized a few days ago that a restaurant I pass going both to and from work three days a week had changed. It didn’t appear to be a recent change. I’ve always considered myself to be very observant but

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 25, 2021

The Tale of Two Birthdays

There’s the “real” birthday as my granddaughter says and the “party” birthday. Last week our family shared two of each. The first was a five-year birthday and the second was a ninety-year birthday. Very different ages yet

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 18, 2021

The Introduction

In the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of providing the introduction of our guest ministers to our congregation. The first involved a person I have known for about thirteen years, and while we don’t hang out together,

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 11, 2021

The Feel of Fall

Fall is officially here. Have I ever told you fall is my favorite season? It is. There is something about it that gives me energy. I don’t really have a season I don’t like. But

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 04, 2021


Driving home from work last Tuesday I was feeling tired and a bit sorry for myself. I had been under the weather, nothing serious, and it seemed to be taking longer to recover. Then I spotted a delivery van on a neighborhood street.

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 27, 2021

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