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What A Gift

Over the past few weeks, we have explored some of the gifts you can give to yourself. I think you know about gifts you can give to others. There is one important gift that we have not specifically discussed.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 25, 2023

Gift Three

What soothes your soul? What calms you and helps you see things differently? What speaks to your inner spirit? We all have different answers to these questions.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 18, 2023

Gift Two

Gift two is mental well-being. I’m talking about the simple things we can do to keep our minds engaged and sharp.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 11, 2023

Gift One

Last week I introduced the idea of giving myself three gifts each day. One for my physical well-being, one for my mental well-being, and the third for my soul. This week we are going to look at nurturing your physical being.

Author: Linda Soller | Dec 04, 2023

Just Three Gifts

As I approached my retirement, I was surprised at how many people asked me what I was going to do. It never, truly never, crossed my mind that I would lack for things to do.

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 27, 2023

One More Time

I’ve always heard that your memory goes or at least gets spotty as you grow older. If I am honest, playing the old card (my memory is not what it used to be) can come in handy. That is not the case for this week’s blog.

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 20, 2023

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