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The Feeder is Empty

Back in August I wrote a parable “The Feeder”. This is not a parable, but somewhat of a sequel. The other day, a bright sunny and somewhat cool day, I noticed there was a lot of activity at my bird feeder. One might have called it a feeding frenzy. It was fun to watch. That evening when I went out to retrieve the feeder for the night, I was shocked to see it nearly empty.

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 12, 2020

The Struggle is Real

In our Zoom Bible study group on Sunday we had been studying the exodus of the Hebrew people out of Egypt. It was easy for me to be critical of them constantly challenging Moses and God. One miracle after another and it seemed they still found a reason to complain. When we got to the lesson of the water from a rock, I had an “ah-ha” moment!

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 05, 2020

Garden Party Embraced

For as long as I can remember my vision of a garden party involved a lot of white linens or furniture, flowers, fancy food, and maybe the game of croquet. I guess you could say my vision came from literary sources. Even when my family would grill our food, the party most often moved inside. The fact that I am a mosquito magnet may have something to do with my lack of enthusiasm for lingering while eating in the great outdoors. Did I mention I own a lot of bug repellant?

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 28, 2020

Feel It In My Bones

I read an article about aging well. One action item was to meditate or quiet your thoughts on a daily basis. With so much craziness in our world we could all use some calm. Another action was to stop reading all the bad news. Now that was going to be harder considering how much news seems to be bad!

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 21, 2020

Optimism Isn't Blind

I certainly consider myself an optimist. Some people think it’s odd to be optimistic in times such as these, but I disagree. Optimism isn’t blind to difficulties or challenges; I think an optimist believes in solutions. Notice I said believes in solutions, I did not say has all the solutions. There’s a big difference which is why I remain optimistic.

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 14, 2020

In Search of Kale - A Parable

There was only one item he simply had to have, a package of frozen chopped organic kale for his morning smoothy. He went first to his favorite store, but they were out and had been for weeks. Customer service said, “The vendor is temporarily closed”. Next, he went to his second favorite store. They were also out of what he needed. They didn’t know why.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 24, 2020