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Easy to Abandon

We had been blessed with unseasonably cool clear weather and a holiday from work! The circumstances led me to journey out for an early morning walk in the neighborhood. It was the perfect time really, just after the dog walkers and just before the late sleepers emerged.

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 13, 2021

Pattern Change

Like many I enjoy the easier daily commutes. A result of so many people working from home. I notice the difference in my stress level when I get to work. However, in the middle of the day it feels like all the people at home decide to go out for a ride.

Author: Linda Soller | Sep 06, 2021


Last week I spoke of the village needed to raise our children. This week I am switching from selfless giving of one’s time, love, and energy to selfishness. I guess I’m tired of observing our very selfish culture. It’s not an age issue, or a race issue, it’s a human issue.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 30, 2021

The Village

I feel certain you have heard the expression “ it takes a village to raise a child. I believe it’s true. When you are the parent of a child you may find yourself thinking that your village has gone on retreat when you most need them. Which if we are being honest is 90% of the time.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 23, 2021

Picking Seashells

Some people collect seashells when at the beach. I pick them. The difference is subtle but important. When out walking along the beach I see people with bags full of shells. They seem to snatch them up quickly and easily.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 16, 2021

Surf Fishing

I do not fish. I have fished and I have observed fishing. On vacation one of my favorite things is to take and early morning walk along the beach. I watch for dolphins offshore, the sun rising in the sky, and people surf fishing. From my walks I have observed three primary types of surf fishing.

Author: Linda Soller | Aug 09, 2021

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