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I’m rarely speechless. I know you find that hard to believe, but those who know me well think of me as a talker. Today I felt speechless. It wasn’t such a bad thing really because I was working from home and had no one to talk to. But even that little conversation that often runs through my mind was absent.

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 23, 2020

That First Step

It seems at times that we are bombarded by the hard facts of life. We lose a loved one, a relationship, a job, our health, and the list goes on. Growing up we learn gradually how to deal with these difficult events.

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 16, 2020


I’m intentionally writing this prior to the end of our Presidential election. As I contemplate civility, I am struck by the fact that it’s not about who wins or loses, it’s about being civil all the time. Robert Fulghum, author, and minister, dealt with civility in his 1986 book, All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. He provided a list of things we learn in kindergarten like manners matter, use your words (not your fist or feet), share, clean up your own mess, and the one we still hear today, be kind.

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 09, 2020

Just Listen

It might be a friend, or loved one, or co-worker. Sometimes it’s even a stranger. The conversation starts out normally enough but along the way it plunges into the depths of “oh, woe is me!”. We have all had it happen to us. In truth, most of us have done it to someone else at one time or another. But when someone starts verbalizing their concerns to us about how unfair life is, or how miserable they are, we need to remember they want someone who will just listen.

Author: Linda Soller | Nov 02, 2020

The Blessing of Mistakes

During the early months of our pandemic I threw myself into my knitting. It’s my pastime of choice and usually very soothing. Unfortunately, my anxieties, my posture, and the intensity of my efforts left me in pain and stressed. I had always worked to avoid knitting mistakes as though my life depended on it. Then I read a book about the ergonomics of knitting which said one of the first things a knitter should learn is how to fix mistakes.

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 26, 2020

The Determined

Driving to the office on a cool, dreary, misty morning I happened to glance over and noticed two men in their rain gear playing a round of golf. Not the best weather for it, but they were determined to enjoy the sport they love, and weather was not going to stop them.

Author: Linda Soller | Oct 19, 2020