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What Lies Hidden

Linda Soller | Oct 30, 2023

We are having what I consider to be very expensive work done at our home. Our septic system is being replaced. While it’s important, it’s necessary, and we will be happy once it’s done, I can’t help but resent that no one will be able to tell. All that money and no one will ever know unless we tell them. This has brought me to the question, why does it matter if people know? Really why should I care that people understand the cost of such a job? There is no reason and yet for some reason it bothers me.


From this I ask the question – what image lies hidden in the person we show the world. It’s a pretty deep topic and one which I’m not really qualified to explain. What I know is that we all convey the image of ourselves we want the world to see. Even if that image is one of a person who does not care about image. I know a few of those people and they work hard to appear not to care. Which translates to me that they do care. It can be pretty confusing. All the while, like my new septic system, the real person lies hidden underneath what the world sees.


This brought me to consider Halloween. Maybe the reason many grown people find it so much fun to dress in costume is that it allows them to appear, if only briefly, like something they are not. Kids can dress in costumes any time. Let’s face it, they want the candy and are willing to dress up to get it. Adults on the other hand appear to really like the costume part. While the real person lies hidden beneath.


I understand this flow of thought may seem a bit disconnected, but those were my thoughts the other day as I watched my back yard being dug up. I concluded what is really important is that I never forget God knows what lies hidden beneath regardless of how I may portray myself to the world.



Be the love in the world  : )   Linda

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