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Birdfeeder Watching

Linda Soller | Jun 13, 2022

Each day I find myself considering my “to do” options. One thing I do routinely is birdfeeder watching. Is that a thing? Anyway, it’s a thing at my house. I like watching birds, but birdfeeder watching has taken on a whole new meaning.  You see, we have persistent squirrels. They are in a battle with my persistent husband. The birdfeeder which hangs strategically just off the side of our deck where I can fill it and then supposedly watch the birds who visit it. The squirrels’ objective is to attack the feeder getting great quantities of seed. Since our feeder drops when a squirrel hops on it, that is not a winning approach. The squirrels have figured out that leaping at the feeder with just the right angle, velocity, and weight will knock it hard enough to spill seeds out of the four slots to the deck below.  Don’t let anyone tell you squirrels are not innovative critters.  My husband has accepted the challenge.  His goal is to make it impossible for the squirrels to reach the feeder, saving the seeds for the birds. Play hero music!  The opponents are very serious about the whole thing.  


My duty is to observe the squirrels and report back as to exactly how they are defeating his obstacle course. Obstacles may include several aluminum cans which had to be emptied and now spin around the pole. I must watch, unobserved by the squirrels, which means I can’t see the birds. It’s a challenge. Today, while I was not watching, a squirrel managed to rearrange two obstacles in an attempt to reach the feeder. Little did he know that he would actually make the course harder. I know this because later I observed  a young squirrel stretch, lean in, hang upside down, nearly slip off one spinning can, before finally dropping to the deck. He was fine. I was entertained.


Rest assured I will report my observations in great detail. It may include a trip out to the feeder so I can point out the specific locations of each faulter. Needless to say, there may be a few more adjustments to the course tonight.  Never say life is boring just look out your window!


Be the love in the world  :o)