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Bring on the Rain

Linda Soller | May 30, 2022

We had a very hot weekend. The kind of days where it feels like you can hardly breathe. Storms came through late Sunday to start the cooling process, yay! Monday was much cooler and partly cloudy. But to me the best was to wake on Tuesday morning to a gentle rain. I can’t really explain why, but a good cloudy rainy day feels rejuvenating. There is a natural tendency to slow down and consider your options. My yard and trees are a carpet and canopy of amazing shades of green. The branches, darkened from the damp air, twist and wind upward. The rain cleanses and nourishes. The view out of my window is close to a fairyland.  I say, bring on the rain!


Let’s face it we’ve had a tough few years. Even if you and yours managed to come through it all in a healthy physical state, our minds paid a price for the stress and anxiety we experienced. As we trudged through those challenging days we waited, some patiently and some not so patiently. We observed the best and worst in mankind. We learned more about ourselves. Just how selfish or unselfish were we capable of being?  We experienced a level of isolation few of us had ever known. We gained a new appreciation of how many people work hard to make our lives comfortable, safe, and happy. We lost loved ones and could not follow our traditional good-bye ceremonies. Home took on a whole new meaning.  As we slowly emerge from this shadow of a time we are again faced with options. Do we go back to our old ways in search of normal, or do we embrace the opportunity for different and perhaps better? Do we dwell on how hard things were or do we appreciate the lessons we learned to become better people? Often after a war the survivors face these same decisions. If you are reading this you are a survivor of a war of sorts.


The storm was harsh and scary. But we have and can continue to grow.  We have survived. It’s time for rejuvenation. Bring on the rain!


There is strength in remembering, Happy Memorial Day!


Be the love in the world  :o)