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In-person Worship Update for Sunday, February 13, 2022

Sean Roberds | Feb 08, 2022

This Sunday we will be open for in-person worship for up to 20 people.  We are asking the church to give priority to those who can not worship online.

Moving into February the deacons and I feel confident we can resume in-person worship on a limited basis.  We feel comfortable allowing up to 20 people to gather for worship.  We are asking the church to give top priority to those who can not attend online or have limited online accessibility.  I will be reaching out to those people to let them know we would be happy to have them join us in-person for worship.   

I know there are some of you who are able to worship online but feel being in-person makes a big difference. I completely understand! I believe you will be able to attend soon. Let’s see how many people come this Sunday and maybe we will find we have room for a few more.  When we have more room for people to attend I will let the church know.  

 The deacons will meet February 13th and discuss the first two weeks of in-person worship. At that point we may decided we will feel comfortable allowing more people to attend. The plan is to take this step by step to make sure we are being faithful and safe.   

I am proud of our church for the way we have handled the last two years.  Everyone has been pleasant with the decisions we have made, and you have made this difficult time as easy as possible. Thank you! 

You are always welcome to watch our service online.

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