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Stronger Together

Linda Soller | May 18, 2020

Inspiration is Contagious series installment #3. We are stronger together. You wouldn’t play baseball all by yourself against a team. Think of how silly you would look pitching then running to catch the ball, then throwing it to no one to try to get the runner out at third, you get the picture. A team is stronger. It unites the skills, gifts, and ideas of its members. We are all part of many teams. We are part of a family, a neighborhood, a community, a county, a state, a country, a world, and the human race. Most important of all, we are all God’s children. We are stronger together with God. That strength radiates out through our words and our actions. Those words and actions are inspired by our faith, our empathy, and our love for one another. 


In Kentucky, 14-year-old Megan Delande raised money babysitting, pet sitting, and doing other small jobs. She pooled her resources (money and energy) and made 100 snack bags for the workers in her local hospital.


Marlboro, MA – 9-year-old Nicholas got a $25 Target gift card from his Grandparents. He elected to use it to buy food for people who had lost their jobs. His mom posted it on her Facebook account challenging others to match his $25. Last I checked, Nicholas had raised over $1,300 with contributions still coming in. He buys the food and takes it to the town food bank for distribution.


Portland, OR – 10-year-old Gina makes masks for the Metropolitan Family Services employees. Her family has benefited from those services and she wanted to give back.


We are stronger together. As we face the gradual return to our “old normal” we will be faced with decisions. We can act recklessly or be cautious in our dealings with others on our team(s). We can give in to our anxiety or employ our calm reserve. We can throw ourselves into the mire alone, or we can stand strong together. You will make choices. Like the young people noted above your choices can inspire others.


We are stronger together with God.


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