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Counting the Days

Linda Soller | Apr 27, 2020

This is the seventh week of my full time telework arrangement. Not that I am counting the days, mind you! I’m fortunate because our company went to a social distancing plan early on. We knew some people had to go to the office and some of us could work remotely. By embracing the telework, the office folks would also be safer due to fewer people being present in the building. It’s working. So here we are. 


I imagine you are coping as best you can as well. In the beginning we experienced the chaos of not knowing what to expect. As days passed, we modified our living, worshiping, working, and thinking to deal with our incredibly different world. After one, sparsely attended service which most of us watched online, it was clear the services needed to be online. A creative team of people now produces a wonderful weekly service available on FaceBook and You Tube. Kudos to those dedicated and talented people. We now see a few members in each service via recorded messages, what fun! We count the days until the next service. We have Zoom Bible study/prayer meetings on Wednesday nights, and mini Sunday School lessons via email. With each day God pokes and prods us to deal with the situation. To look out for each other. To care and comfort our church family and community.


Our little church, through the creative energy of our Intern Pastor, has started an organization ( to feed people in our community and help businesses. As most of us were counting the days this movement went from feeding a small number of people to feeding hundreds. They are helping people who had been counting the days waiting for help.


God will lead and support us through this time. We will learn and grow in our faith and dedication. In the shadow of fear and turmoil a few will behave badly, but most will behave with courage and caring. Children living through this will grow to see a connected human race. God uses times of adversity to accomplish great things. We must continue to count our blessings, share our faith, love, and care for one another, while we are counting the days.


Be humble, be grateful, and be love in our world this week! :o) Linda