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Learning the Hard Way

Linda Soller | Apr 20, 2020

I remember hearing adults say, guess he or she will just have to learn the hard way. As a kid, we think we have all the answers, and we don’t really want a grown up to tell us how to do every little thing. Once I grew up, I would use that same expression when my sage advice or opinion was being ignored. Well I have news for you. Today we are all learning a few things the hard way. 


We are getting a good look at what is important in life as we miss our friends and family. We are learning to do without many items we took for granted. We are learning our mundane jobs are better than no jobs at all. We are being shown just how much we depend on all those people who selflessly serve in hospitals, clinics, on rescue teams, and first responder units. We are learning what jobs are really seen as essential, and they are not always the high paying ones. We are learning that taking care of ourselves in order to take care of others isn’t easy or even fun, but it’s really important. We are learning how much teachers and day care workers put up with. We are learning how important education is. We are learning that even in a crisis some people are still too weak to say I messed up, I’m sorry for my poor judgement, or you are the expert here. We are learning just how few of the “things” we have are really critical to our wellbeing.


So much to learn. We are learning the value of gathering with kindred spirits is important no matter what form the gathering takes. We are learning that a virus does not discriminate seeing all people as targets regardless of their wealth, race, religion, or place of origin. We are learning that humans are more alike than they are different. We are learning that in times of trials God is with us and teaching us how to be better Christians, even when we are learning the hard way.


Be humble, be grateful, and be love in our world this week! :o) Linda