First Baptist Church of Herndon

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Linda Soller | Aug 05, 2019

School is officially underway in our area. The start dates of local counties were staggered, but now everyone is back. For our family it’s the start of kindergarten for the oldest grandchild. An important milestone, but in her brief 5 ½ years there have already been many beginnings. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could remember our thoughts when we started to eat solid food, or started to walk, or started talking?  So much of who we are and how we got here is forgotten. 


With beginnings comes anticipation, maybe anxiety, and sometimes fear. I remember my childhood friends from military families. They had moved here and there and adapted. I lived in the same house in the same town for my entire childhood, or the part I remember. They appeared to start things so easily, no problem. I on the other hand planned and fumed and often overthought the situation. In the end we all survived.


For those of us who have gone to church all our lives it’s just what we do. I don’t remember my first time. For those of you who either stopped going to church or maybe never started going to church, it can seem a little intimidating. What will people be like? Will they make me do something or say something? If I don’t like it will they stalk me to come back? My guess is the people will either be nice, or unfortunately, unaware of your presence. I’m pretty sure they will be nice. I doubt they would make you do or say anything. You are an adult, you can say no. If they stalk you to come back just try a different church, although the whole stalking thing is highly unlikely. Maybe you don’t worry about any of those things. Maybe you just don’t like starting something new.  Come on, you can do it!  It could be amazing! Seems like a perfect time to start.


See you in church? :o) Linda


Back to church Sunday all over the country is September 15.