Things in Common

Linda Soller | Jun 10, 2019

Why is it we focus on how we are different from each other? I pondered this question driving home from my annual Weekend Yoga Retreat. If you pause and consider you will realize just how often someone’s differences are pointed out in the news, in a group conversation, and in advertising. Everyone seems to focus on why and how we are not alike. The reason the question crossed my mind was because I had just come from an event which focused on just the opposite.


There were 14 of us at the yoga retreat.  There were men and women, old and young, skilled and the not so skilled. What we shared, initially, was a love of yoga. The retreat started on Friday night with dinner followed by what I call a “gentle” yoga class. By the end everyone talked about how relaxed they felt.  All levels, all ages, and all genders talked about how relaxed they felt. During Saturday’s classes the instructor had us all doing the same poses and moves, and without any fan-fare she helped some of us who needed help with the basics and suggested adjustments for the more skilled. By the end of the day everyone had completed all the classes at a level appropriate for each. Conversations covered the great day we had, the amazing food, and what folks did on their break in the afternoon. Saturday we all gathered around a camp fire for s’mores. I heard bits of conversations, like “Hey I lived there once too!”, “What made you decide to come to the retreat?”, and “Could this weather being any better?.” You get my drift. People were exploring what they had in common, not how they were different.


Yesterday our church had a combined service with the Hispanic and Persian Christian congregations who also meet and worship in our church building. Afterwards we gathered for a pot-luck lunch to explore the delicious foods from our very diverse congregations. It was colorful, it was vibrant, the music rang out from all three groups, the pews were shared, and the smiles were universal. You see, we have many things in common. Most of all, we are all God’s children.


This week learn something new about someone you “know”! :o) Linda



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