Linda Soller | Jan 07, 2019

There are many ways to start a new year. Maybe you make a resolution? If you do, I suggest that you consider “ownership” as your resolution. I don’t mean the material type of ownership. I’m referring to the ownership that equates to responsibility. I have grown weary of the name calling, the finger pointing, excuses, the lies of convenience, and the public denials of statements that are in the public record. In general, I am weary of adults behaving badly. 


I would like to think I’m not like the others. Wouldn’t you? But now and then I hear my voice providing the ever-convenient excuse. New Year’s Day was warm and dry in Northern Virginia. I got up and realized it wasn’t too dark to exercise walk, it wasn’t too cold, I didn’t have any place to be, and I was out of excuses. So, I walked and felt good all day because of it. We all shirk our responsibilities now and then. Yes, I said responsibilities, because we must own taking care of our health. It was a moment of clarity for me. It was when I realized how easy it is to fall into the habit of blaming others and making excuses. Responsibilities can be challenging and are not always fun, but once we take them on, we should own them.


During the month of January our Drop-In class will be exploring how our faith matures. Part of that conversation is ownership. Any relationship requires work. Our relationship with God is no different. So as people of faith we must own our faith and work at our relationship with God. It’s not enough to go through the motions. You can’t make decisions or take actions which don’t reflect your Christian beliefs then pretend it was someone else’s fault. Living a life of faith includes failing, but demands we seek to do better the next time. Living a life of faith offers supportbut doesn’t guarantee a life free of challenges. Jesus took ownership of His work, and eventually of our sins. Taking ownership of our actions and words seems like the least we can do. 


Have a great week?  :o) Linda




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