Pure Joy

Linda Soller | Dec 17, 2018

I heard on the radio as I drove to work that the Time Magazine “Person of the Year” had been announced. Having seen the list under consideration the day before I was anxious to see their decision. On my computer I saw where “The Guardians” had been selected. I felt pure joy. This group of people referred to as guardians often risk their lives to bring the truth to light. They come from all around the world. They come from different social classes and different religious backgrounds. They are not fake news, they are the messengers of reality whether we like it or not.


Lots of things generate joy at Christmas time. When you ask people to think of words that come to mind at Christmas it results in a long list, with joy at or near the top. Despite the rushing about and the added stress,we see people smiling, helping others, and sharing in a way that is not commonly manifested at any other time of year. The songs of Christmas make me smile, as do the lights. But the one place I see true joy at Christmas is in the story of Jesus’ birth when the shepherds get the news from the angels, run to see, then joyfully spread the word. The shepherds were the guardians of their time. They spread the news as they traveled from place to place. Many were shunned in their homelands, and most were not considered anything special because of their work.  Powerful people tried to discredit them to protect their own selfish objectives. Their work was important and dangerous. Yet they were dedicated to caring for flocks of helpless creatures, for bringing information to isolated people, for spreading important news. They were guardians. 


 We Christians must accept our role as guardians. We are tasked to spread the word, to uphold the integrity of our faith even when it may not be popular, and to see the truth even when it may not be convenient or what we hoped for. It’s a task that leaves your heart full even if your pockets are empty. A guardian’s work is one of service to others.  Guardians are selfless not selfish. Guardians are protectors of the truth. What’s your word for the week?


Joy!  :o) Linda



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