Word of the Week

Linda Soller | Dec 03, 2018

I would like to look at several topics over the next few weeks. The first is the current, common, but not universal opinion that if it fine to say whatever you want, when you want. We have leaders who practice this approach to communication all the time. While you may applaud most of what they say, I feel certain that there have been times when you felt they crossed “the line” and like me you thought, “I can’t believe they said that!” The words you use say volumes about who you are. 


Another issue which has gotten my attention lately is the very power of words. Contrary to the saying, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”, we know that’s not true. Unkind, judgmental, or accusatory words can be very hurtful. Sometimes we intentionally use our words to inflict a degree of pain or solicit a reaction. Even words intended to be kind can cause sadness. A friend looks concerned and tells you that you look tired. You know on one level their words are offered to show they care. Your friend’s words (whether you feel tired or not) may not be what you need or want to hear. Words can be powerful. Use words to empower others, not to beat them down.


The third thought I would like to explore is the power of positive thinking and how we use words to get us through the challenges we face. Maybe you repeat a “mantra” to set your mood for the day, or perhaps you pray and let your words express what is in your heart. Words can inspire and encourage. Let your words be a force for all that is still good in our world.


Advent is a powerful word. A time of waiting for the birth of our Savior. It’s a time of anticipation. Hope, peace, joy, and love are all critical words in the Advent season. However, they can easily be lost in the rush of our holiday celebrations. If you knew a word would make a difference in your day, your week, your life, the life of someone else, what word would you select? There are plenty of good words to choose from. What will be your word of the week?


Hope!  :o) Linda




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