The same, but different

Linda Soller | May 07, 2018

It was like any other day. Well, it was May, so that was different. It wasn’t rainy or too cold, so that was different. But overall it was the same as any morning. Since the weather conditions didn’t provide me with an excuse I got up and got dressed for my morning walk. Heading up the street of my neighborhood I noticed the same houses, and same yards. But the trees, which a few days earlier had been brown and bare, were now covered in a pale green film of budding leaves. Same trees, but different. Later, on my way to work the traffic felt much the same. Until at one point, I noted the time and noted that I didn’t have to wait for a school bus to load. Odd, I thought, seems like I usually do. My thoughts drifted to my day ahead. I would be the only member of my department in the office. A new person would start next week and while the numbers would be getting back to normal, it would still be different.


Have you ever had a morning like that? It’s a little disconcerting. I didn’t feel afraid, or particularly stressed out, but something was different. As I went about doing the same routine things I sensed a difference. That difference had thrown me, just a little.


Lunch time rolled around and my mind wandered back to my odd morning. It was then I realized the very differences which made me uncomfortable had all been good things. Good weather, pretty trees, no waiting, new energy coming to our team, and quiet time alone in the office to prepare. So much the same, but different. It had been worth feeling off-kilter because I saw things differently. I could hardly wait for tomorrow to come. I knew deep down it would be the same, but different. How exciting is that?!


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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