The Unexpected

Linda Soller | Mar 26, 2018

As March 20th drew closer you would think everyone would be jumping for joy. Spring! Yay! But instead we got the unexpected, a wintery mix of weather. Yes, March can be unpredictable, and we all know it’s not summer yet, but we expected a spring day.


The city was crowded. So many people had come in for the feast. It happened every year. People from all walks of life participated in their own way. This year would be special. Word on the street was that He would be coming in to town. Followers and the curious lined the street to greet Him. They were loud and excited. Palms were waved and cloaks dropped to cover the ground. As He approached, more likely than not, some of the crowd stood and starred. Was this the king of the Jews? Not what everyone had expected. He looked so ordinary, His clothes were so normal, His demeanor was humble not proud or vain, and He was riding on a donkey?  Even with His less than grand transportation the religious elite found the uproar somewhat unexpected. He didn’t look like a threat they should fear, yet the crowds were elated to see Him approach. The leaders did fear Him.


Jesus fulfilled prophesy. So technically no one should have been surprised by His birth, His life, the miracles He performed, or how His time on earth would end. But in those days, even as now, people did not do a great job of managing their expectations. They thought they wanted a king in the traditional sense, but traditional kings have come and gone, and none have left so powerful an imprint on mankind. 


We humans are born and spend what time we have living our lives, primarily for ourselves and those around us we value.  Jesus came to earth for us. His teachings were for all of us, for all time. He died and rose again for us. From the beginning He represented the unexpected, and that has made all the difference.


May your Easter be the most blessed and unexpected one ever!  :o) Linda



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