The Daffodil in Us All

Linda Soller | Feb 23, 2018

I must admit we have had a cold, but relatively snow free winter here in Northern Virginia. I can handle cold, so I’m not complaining. However, those of us who have lived in the area for a long time understand that March can be a very wintery month. That’s why when we had two, very warm, non-rainy days last week, something almost magical took place.


The second warm morning, sixty-one degrees at 6:30 a.m., seemed a perfect opportunity to get in my morning fitness walk. The sun was rising earlier so I didn’t need all my reflectors and flashlights. I didn’t need to layer up to avoid the chill. I was psyched! I headed out my door, down the pipe-stem drive to the main street of my neighborhood. That’s when I saw it. Neighbors and their dogs had emerged from their homes. The people I hadn’t seen during my dark cold walks of January were back in force. The dogs were happy. The greetings were joyful. Yes, there were even smiles on faces.


It made me think of daffodils that pop up out of the cold frosty ground with the smallest hint of spring. You knew they were always there, just below the surface, but still their appearance seems almost magical. There we all were, the people who had always been there, just hidden behind walls staying warm and waiting. With the hint of spring we stuck our heads out to enjoy the weather.


It has been a difficult winter in many ways. There was plenty of snow, maybe too much, in some areas. There were accusations, denials, crimes committed, lives lost, and natural disasters. People suffered, people struggled, and some people lost hope. No one who reads the news, or watches it on TV could not feel all the anguish and pain in the world. But it’s nearly spring! I think it’s time we tapped into the daffodils in us all and popped out to offer hope, some warm sunny words, and a little magic for mankind.  We can’t be sure what tomorrow will bring, but we can bloom today!


Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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