A Day for Love

Linda Soller | Feb 12, 2018

The jury is still out as to the exact origins of our modern Valentine’s Day holiday. Did it begin with the Roman festival known as Lupercalia, a rather scandalous event, or when Pope Gelasius declared a Christian liturgical feast day by that name in the 5th century, or was it when Geoffrey Chaucer published his romantic poems “Parlement of Foules” and “The Complaint of Mars” in the late 14th century? Historians can’t seem to agree. Based on legends there were likely two Valentines. One was arrested when he defied the orders of Emperor Claudius forbidding Roman soldiers from getting married. Apparently love lead Mr. Valentine to break the law. The other Valentine, a priest, was beheaded by Claudius for facilitating the marriages of Christians at a time when Claudius wanted their numbers decreased. Ahh! There is a love connection.


Does it strike you as odd that we don’t know the origins of this holiday for certain? It’s celebrated around the world? Maybe it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t surprised to learn of a religious connection. Well, the name, St. Valentine’s Day, is a big hint. But isn’t it sad that this holiday, like so much else in our society, has become such a consumer fest? Can you imagine, just for a minute, if the standard for Valentine’s Day was how many people you gave a smile to, or how many kind words you could offer during the day, or better yet, how you showed your love for mankind by good works?  If Saint Valentine died because he helped Christians marry, which was a long-term commitment to love, don’t you think he would want each of us to stand up for the future of love? Love for our fellow man, love for the down trodden, and love for those in need are all long-term commitments to love. Like nature springing forth in Chaucer’s poems, love, when planted grows.


My wish for you this Valentine’s Day is a commitment to love. May you share a moment, a kind word, a helping hand, or a warm hug. May you find love that is supportive, understanding, and unconditional. May you find God’s love.    


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Have a great week!  :o) Linda



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