The Christmas Decision

Linda Soller | Dec 25, 2017

A young woman finds herself stranded on the road, out of gas. A homeless man decides right then and there to use his last $20 for gas so she can get home safely. She revisits him with some supplies, and gift cards, and food, but feels it’s not enough. She and her boyfriend, grateful for this stranger’s act of kindness, decide to use social media to raise money. Their goal seemed reasonable, but was quickly surpassed. The homeless man is no longer homeless. He had not been indecisive. The young couple had not been indecisive. The thousands of people who donated, were not indecisive. A man’s life was changed.


I can’t compete with the Christmas story, but I can ask, how are you holding up? Christmas can be stressful and overwhelming. There is so much going on that it’s easy to lose sight of the gifts of Christmas. We may miss the love, the hope, the sharing, and the blessings. When it’s over we easily fall back into our patterns. Mary and Joseph had to be trusting and decisive, as they stood together against the cultural norms of their times. The shepherds were decisive when they spread the word of what they had seen. The wise men were decisive as they followed the star then risked their own wellbeing to protect the child they came to honor.


Yes, the Christmas season can be exhausting, but it opens windows. Through those windows you can catch a glimpse of peace, kindness, forgiveness, and joy. Go ahead, stick your head out the window and take in the fresh air of faith in action.


You can do this. Be decisive, you may not solve the world’s problems, but you might just change your life and the lives of others.


Merry Christmas Everyone!  :o) Linda



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