Your Voice of Reason

Linda Soller | Sep 18, 2017

It was supposed to just be a beauty pageant. Smart, talented, beautiful women competing to be Miss America, but during the questions and answers there were several clear calls for civility and love from the contestants. You know the kind of love and caring Christians are to not only believe in, but to put into practice. Miss Texas, Margana Wood caused a stir when she spoke about “terrorists” regarding the tragedy in Charlottesville. To me it was like hearing the voice of reason. In a brief, clear, and impactful statement this young woman addressed the issue that so many of our elected leaders are still struggling to express. She spoke bravely in front of millions of “fear” in a country that claims to protect freedom.

 The voice of reason is that person or that voice in your head that says, “Whoa, stop and think.”  The voice of reason challenges us to be sensible when we are on the verge of being irrational or unreliable. It’s not so much the voice of “NO”, but more the voice of “Wait and be sure”. For children, it’s often the voice of mom or dad running through their minds when friends are doing something foolish, but oh so tempting. For adults, it may be an unrecognizable voice, but one that always knows the rules, always knows what they should do, no matter how frustrating. Christians should be hearing God as their voice of reason.

It’s very easy to get caught up in a moment, to lose yourself in the crowd so you can be part of something bigger than just you. But hey, it’s okay to be just you. It’s okay to tell people you believe in love and caring. It’s okay to say, this is not for me when those around you go too far. It’s okay to be the one who works hard, who forgives, who reaches out to others. You may never get the chance to be on national television where you can be the voice of reason for multitudes of people, but every day you will have opportunities to hear that voice. Who will be your voice of reason and will you be listening?

Have a great week! :o)    Linda



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