The Blame Game

Linda Soller | Jul 31, 2017

You know the rules. Something goes wrong and you point the finger at someone else. It’s called the “blame game” and it works much like a game. The winner manages to escape without catching the blame. We all play it to some extent.  “I was late to work because of the traffic.”  “I’m sorry I missed your birthday, work has been so demanding.” “I will lose the weight once I don’t have all these holiday parties to attend.” Okay, so these may not be your excuses, but they are some pretty common ones.  Someone or something else is causing the issue, certainly not you!

I came across a quote at work when preparing a newsletter which triggered my thought process. “Don’t find fault, find a remedy” Henry Ford. I think you have heard of Henry. A legend in manufacturing and business, maybe you drive a Ford vehicle. Mr. Ford’s approach was ahead of its time. The horse and carriage was dirty, fairly slow, and an impractical mode of transportation for the general population. First, he headed in the direction of a car, then he kept moving toward producing a vehicle that was more practical for the masses. Well you know the rest. Henry Ford constantly sought remedies.

I wonder what Mr. Ford would think of our culture today? I feel certain he would enjoy all the technology. I’m equally as certain he would be disappointed to see how we continue to struggle with our shortage of housing, food, and jobs. We have taken the blame game to a new level. We blame entire groups of people for the actions of a few, or sometimes of just one. We blame those who lack some of the basic human needs for being lazy. We blame the people we elect for their inaction and then we put them right back in office. We pray for all things good and wonderful then blame God for not hearing our pleas. Any way you look at it, we are masters at pointing our finger away from ourselves.  There is so much to do in this world, do we really have time to be playing the blame game?

Have a great week!    :o)  Linda



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