Just Remember the Ark

Linda Soller | May 01, 2017

In the Drop-In class, we were discussing how we hear God calling us to act a certain way, or to contribute in some fashion. Usually, we agreed, it’s something relatively small in the grand scheme of things. We also agreed that we often choose to ignore His calling, or to make excuses for why we can’t do what we know He wants us to do. You have probably had similar experiences and they are not always tied to church. How about the time you and a neighbor had a falling out that lasted way too long? Or the time you were rude in traffic because people had been rude to you all day? Have you ever been asked to serve on a committee or join a group because you had a talent/gift, but declined because you feared the time commitment? Ah! You see all these little opportunities pop up day after day. They are chances for you to be the Christian God calls you to be. In class, we chuckled as we thought of some of those opportunities we all had rejected in our lives.

Then again, we had a few people who, when presented with a challenge, had really stepped up to do what they knew was right. It wasn’t easy, but it was clearly right. When I think of someone responding to God’s call I immediately think of Noah. He lived in a time much like ours, full of corruption and violence, and yet God could see that Noah remained righteous. The fact Noah could resist the temptations around him was a big accomplishment. The challenge he would face in his future would take his faith to entire new level. Noah, build an Ark! Really??? Can you even imagine what he must have thought and the ridicule he must have endured as he served God in this very specific task? The Ark was built, just as he was told.

One of my purposes for writing this blog is to hopefully help those who read it deal with everyday life. Routinely you will meet challenges to your faith, your beliefs, your very existence, as you maneuver through your world. You will hear God telling you, sometimes faintly and sometimes loud and clear, what He wants and needs you to do. You will listen sometimes. Other times you will resist or ignore Him. We all do it. But the next time He calls and you feel He is asking too much, just remember the Ark. It may be all you need to put things in perspective.

Make this a great week!    :o)  Linda



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