Seeking Answers

Linda Soller | May 23, 2016

This month in our Drop-In Class we have been going through the Top 10 Most Referenced Bible verses. I googled the topic to find the list. I had reasons for looking for such a list. One reason was simple curiosity, another was to think about the subject matter covered by the verses, and a third was to consider why people reference Bible verses in the first place. I am by nature a bit curious about things.

Recently I was babysitting my two-year-old granddaughter. It was a beautiful day, the first in a while. We had built a blanket fort, read books, danced around the room and it was time to head to the kitchen for lunch. She looked out the storm door to the front porch and said, “I see a worm!”  When I got there it was actually a caterpillar. I didn’t say no it’s not a worm, but I told her we would go out right after she finished her lunch and check it out. We did just that. As we sat on the front stoop in the warm sunshine I coaxed the caterpillar on to a leaf so we could look closer. I explained while it moved like a worm it was not a worm. She listened closely. We sat the leaf in the shade to go look for more caterpillars. We didn’t find any, but we found other cool things which we also talked about, and brought back to the front porch. When we got back to the stoop the caterpillar had crawled down off the leaf and returned to sleeping in the sun. I explained he was napping.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could remember how we learned much of what we know? She won’t remember the nature walk we took that day, but I believe she will remember some of the things we talked about. Children are so open to learning new things. They are still interested. Even though they will start to think they have all the answers, if presented in the right way, children find almost anything interesting. When my daughter came home she heard over and over again, “I found a caterpillar, I found a caterpillar!” My granddaughter had learned it wasn’t a worm, and was excited to share what she had learned.

I have taken the top ten verses and grouped them into four subject areas. We are discussing why people turn to the Bible and what do these verses offer them. Our class will be voting for our own top five verses from the top ten list. Why, you ask? Why not, would be my response. When is the last time you went to the Bible, not to re-read a familiar verse or story, but to seek an answer to a particular question? Do you think the Bible will fail you in modern times? Maybe you can’t imagine it will tell you something you don’t already know. When you find your answer, will you store it away or continue seeking? Will you be pleased to have learned something new, even if it isn’t the answer you expected? Will you share your information excitedly? I challenge you to seek answers from your Bible. How to start? Just google, where in the Bible does…? You finish the question, and it will help get you started seeking answers.

Have a great week!    :o)  Linda



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