A Christmas Tree Exchange by Pat Good

Sean Roberds | Dec 17, 2014


Grandpa Joe sat all alone in his living room.  For the first time in seventy years he had not bothered with a Christmas tree.  It just didn’t seem important to decorate the house.  No holly to hang on the door with little red berries dangling among the green leaves.  No evergreens with that wonderful pine and cedar smell.  No needles to clean up as it begin to dry out.  Even if you mist it with water every day it dries out and makes a big mess. There was a time when all of these things made up Christmas. Now it was somehow so different.  This was certainly not the easiest year he had lived through.  The thought of decorating a Christmas tree made him feel very tired, maybe a little sad.  In years past, the celebration began early.  Lights on the outside trees made it a bright and beautiful home inviting everyone in to see the tree lovingly decorated with ornaments collected over the years from everywhere.  Many had been past down from one generation to the next.  Some were gifts from friends he had not seen for years.  Some reminded him of people and relatives who were no longer with them.  They had passed on. Some recently and some a long time ago.

The tinsel hanging from the tree gave it a sparkle that almost looked like happy twinkles lighting the way to happy smiles.  The Little Drummer Boy sat alone under the tree.  No smile on his face just a matter of fact expression as if waiting to start his marching cadence.  The, angel on top of the tree was always lighted, wings extended, a soft gentle loving look on her face.  Joe remembered something about a message she had been given to deliver to the world.

Just then Joe’s thoughts turned to the mistletoe hanging in the foyer.  Little white berries nestled in green leaves.  Everyone that entered this home was greeted with a big hug and kiss, using the mistletoe as an excuse, but knowing that the human touch of love is so important to each soul at this time of year.

As Joe looked up he saw the clock.  Time 6:45pm, he would have to hurry if he wanted to be on time and he knew he did not want to be late.  He had agreed to usher for this service on this very special evening.  He arrived just in time.  People were arriving from all directions.  Families were greeting each other with hugs and big smiles.  People arriving alone were quickly gathered in the families. No one would be left out.  The children of God are indeed a family and there is room for everyone.

Music began to filter out through the door.  Christmas carols so familiar that the heart skips a beat.  The message so old and yet so new awakens our sense of joy and renewal.  You walk and begin to feel the cadence of the Little Drummer Boy’s drum.  You hear Joy to the World, Angles We Have Heard on High.  You feel like a wise man bringing gifts.  Your love, your heart.  That is the only gift wanted today.

  The message: Jesus is born.  He has come to save each of us and to love us as only the Father of all could love, offering peace, joy and salivation.

Joe knew with all of his heart the Christmas tree would not be his Christmas.  The Love of God was his Christmas for eternity.

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