Reading Reaches Out

Sharon Coyner | Jan 06, 2018

Reading Reaches Out is a  project sponsored by The Book Bunch, a reading group, and Chapter Four, the FBC writing group. For 2018 all funds raised will benefit the Kenya Orphan Fund.  The book shelf is on the wall in the Fellowship Hall.  Books are donated, purchased for a customer selected price and the funds go to the selected mission. The project is run on the Honor System and is geared towards adults so children will need a parent involved even if the book selected is a children's book. You may keep the book or return it to the shelf and we will sell it again-true recycling.

You can bring books to donate on the 2nd Sunday (which is Benevolence Sunday) of each month. You can donate no more than 10 books at a time. Keep in mind this is a church project when you select books to donate. Subject matter should be in good taste and appropriate for a variety of ages because we will not have the books locked up. We accept paper backs, hard covers and children's books. Complete details are available in the flyer on the book shelf.

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