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Andrew Wyeth (January)

Andrew Wyeth Andrew Wyeth is one of the most famous American artist of this century. He was raised in a family dedicated to art. Wyeth's father was a famous painter and illustrator of children's books. His brothers and sisters became artists, engineers, and musicians. And a generation later, Andrew's own son, Jamie, has become an important artist. You could say that art runs in the family!

Wyeth is best known for his relistic paintings of the farming country in Pennsylvania where he was raised, and the rocky seacoast of Maine, where he often lives. Many of his paintings are very simple scenes like a dog in a field of grass, a lace curtain blowing in the breeze, a tiny wildflower in the forest, or an old farm building. Wyeth's paintings are very natural and detailed, often in watercolor and tenpera paint.

Young artists can explore one of Wyeth's art techniques that will look like the first, crisp snowfall on a late autumn day in the country.

This month we are studying Andrew Wyeth
Wyeth's (pronounced "WY-ETH") paintings are simple and realistic, detailed and natural.

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