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Sandro Botticelli (March)

Sandro Botticelli The early Renaissance artist Alessandro Filipepi was born in the Italian city of Florence where many painters lived and worked. He changed his name to Botticelli after he became a professional artist. Like most artist of this era, Botticelli was apprenticed when he was still a young boy and lived at the studio of his master, a goldsmith, along with the other young apprentices. Here he learned to do all the jobs of the artist.

Botticelli worked for the rich and powerful patrons, the Medici family. As part of what Botticelli owed his patrons, he painted many portraits of the Medici family. He also created religious paintings and scenes from Roman mythology for them.

Botticelli is well known for the many round compositions he created, a popular shape for paintings in his day. Young artists drawing in a circle, creating "art in the round".

This month we are studying Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510).
In the days of Botticelli (BAH-TUH-CHEL-LAY), round paintings were a new and popular idea in works of art. The children were given a round piece of paper and crayons.


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