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Creative Juices

Linda Soller | Oct 09, 2023

Apparently creative juices flow through humans making us create things, think of new ideas, and well, be creative. It’s my understanding that we all have these juices, even if some may have more than others. My first question is, what happens when the juices start to run low or even dry up? That is assuming such a thing can happen. My second question is, if this should occur, how does one replenish those wonderful creative energizing fluids? My third question is, can one try to be too creative for their own good?


When I began this blog all those years ago, I never really thought I would still be doing it. I hear your little voices saying, “I didn’t think she would be doing it for so long either.”  But here I am. My original goals of providing food for thought and perhaps some humor remain. Routinely  something happens or comes to mind which points me in the right direction for a blog topic. Other times I draw a blank. I feel like my creativity may be drying up. So, the answer to question one is yes. I think you can certainly misplace your inspiration when the juices are very low.


When I am feeling such a void, I begin watching the world around me even closer in hopes of being inspired. It usually happens at the most unexpected times. Heaven knows the good Lord has dealt with many a request for inspiration. He never fails me. If I’m honest, having had to seek help so often is a bit disconcerting. The struggle is real.  The answer to question two seems to be patience and faith.


This brings us to question three. I have observed that starting a new creative adventure, my watercolor painting for example, sometimes leaves me feeling drained. I don’t know how much juice I have so I can’t help but wonder if I have taken on more than my creative juices can handle. Hmm? So, the answer to question three is - yes? Maybe?


Wait! Here I am writing to you about the very things that have been worrying me. My prayers have been answered again. The juices are flowing. Get creative today – there is nothing quite like it.


Be the love in the world  : )   Linda

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