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The Playground

Linda Soller | Apr 24, 2023

While my daughter did a big favor for me, I had the pleasure of entertaining my youngest grandchild. We began with a snack, naturally, followed by coloring. At only four and a half years of age I admired how she stayed in the lines, and she admired my color selections. After a time, we decided to head out to the playground. I watched as she ran from item to item demonstrating her skills. I cheered the heights she reached and the speed of her sliding. Once she was comfortable that I had the lay of the land she invited me to join her on the big platform. Yes, there are times when being short comes in handy! She said, “Come on up, you don’t have to use the ladder like I did you can use the steps. It’s okay to use the steps if it makes you feel safer.” We stood on the platform pretending to be a ship at sea when my mini captain decided it was time to slide down to shore. She went first, as the leader of our two-person crew. I was poised to follow and heard her say, “It’s not too fast, you will be fine, and I won’t let you fall.”  We had a grand time, and I learned a valuable lesson.


In the Drop-In Class we often talk about things we can do in this world to help others and have an impact. So much of the time we feel overwhelmed by the options. Sometimes, the things we feel capable of doing seem insignificant or inadequate. But at the playground I learned how much simple words of encouragement can make such a difference to the person on the receiving end.  I also learned the joy you feel when you encourage others. I saw it in my granddaughter’s face when I encouraged her, and when she watched as I trusted her words and slid down the twisting slide. Some people will do amazing things and make headlines. Some will do amazing things behind the scenes. You and I may not make the headlines, but we can offer encouragement. Just think of your world as your grown-up playground. If my mini captain can do it, I know you can!


Be the love in the world  : )   Linda

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