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Which Witch

Linda Soller | Oct 31, 2022

Every Halloween I dress up as a witch. It’s not the only costume I could create from stuff I already have, but it’s the easiest. I wear a lot of black anyway, so just add an old graduation robe, my large pointy witch hat and there you have it, a witch!  I used to put flour in my hair to gray it, but Mother Nature has solved that problem for me. I dress up to answer the door when the trick or treaters ring the bell. The last few years the number of little ghosts and goblins has dropped off and the doorbell is currently broken. It may be a very quiet Halloween.


In my observations there are a variety of witches available to copy. Some are lovely and do good magic. They get very little attention this time of year. Some are really scary, ugly, and nasty. They scare me too much, so I back off the gruesome face and cackling laugh. I am that middle of the road witch. An observer can tell what I am, but I’m not too scary. 


In life as in play there are a wide variety of witches. Some are lovely making magic and happiness for those around them. I do think sometimes they are angels in disguise, doing good in a troubled world. Unfortunately, there are also the nasty kind.  You may know one or two. If their life is dull, they start some rumors to spice things up. If they are angry with someone they may snicker and cackle away spreading harsh comments about their “enemy”. These witches are scary, but once you’ve met one you know to avoid them. Then there are us middle of the road witches. We have our share of negative thoughts, sometimes about others, and we have mixed results on keeping our harsh words to ourselves. Our best intentions can sometimes get pushed aside and we usually regret those moments almost immediately.  


I think maybe it is time I make a costume change. Perhaps a white graduation robe with some wings? I mean I have the white hair! Perhaps it will inspire my actions. Afterall, life is scary enough without one more witch. Which Witch are you?


Be the love in the world  :o) 

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