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Deck Knitting

Linda Soller | Oct 17, 2022

My newest favorite PBS show is Landscape Artist of the Year. Not landscaping artist. No, these are professional and amateur artists who recreate the landscape they are shown using their favorite medium. It’s a contest and they create “En Plein Air”, which is fancy for outside. Some comment that to be working outside is a first for them and very inspiring. 


Our knitting group is working on a big charity project, not a contest. I thought I needed to switch things up a bit to stay engaged. So, I took up deck knitting (my name) which has been inspirational. For some of you fall is just the season that means your summer vacation is over and for others it’s the roller coaster of temperature changes resulting in the chill of winter. But if you’re like me and love fall because you aren’t fighting mosquitoes, aren’t wearing too hot clothing  (you can only remove so many layers and still be respectable), and you love the brisk air matched by the glorious colors of the trees then this blog is for you. Is it time you tried to find some new inspiration related to something you already like to do?


I started deck knitting last week. I drug out a pillow for the bench, hot tea, and the knitting supplies I needed for my current project. I try to deck knit every day, weather permitting. The birds (for the most part) and the chipmunks no longer mind me being so close to the feeder. The small birds are braver than the larger ones, but the squirrels are not happy. On my first day out a pair of Cooper’s Hawks lighted on a nearby, very high up branch to observe my activities. All this is fine with me. The fresh air clears my head, the anticipation has made me more efficient in tackling my morning chores. I am declaring it a personal victory. 


If you have read this far and still don’t feel inclined to head outside here are a few suggestions to help your little grey cells (Poirot reference) come up with an idea. Have you thought of Yard Yoga, Picnic Table Tea Party, Porch Swing Meditation, Café Crosswords, or Adirondack Chair Reading? Call it what you will but find your inspiration. Happy deck knitting!


Be the love in the world  :o)