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Race to the Finish

Linda Soller | Aug 01, 2022

I am having a hard time believing it’s already August, and summer is all but gone. This mind set comes from my childhood. Summer activities would come to an end and our family would always vacation the last week of July. You see my dad was the local high school football coach and he had to be back to start practice. Football was a school related autumn sport. So, in my mind the end of the vacation was basically like the end of summer. All I could think about was clothes for school and new supplies. I still love a good clean notebook. The result made August a race to the finish of summer. 


These days school starts before Labor Day, so the August race is even more intense. Kids only have a few weeks of their summer vacation left. Meanwhile we adults have gotten accustomed to instant gratification. That list of things to do over the summer is now a reminder of what you didn’t do. How depressing is that?  Spoiler alert! Summer doesn’t actually end until September 21st! This is my way of saying you need to cut yourself some summer slack. There is no need to race to the finish. You still have time to address your to do list, enjoy the sun, the porch, sweet tea, ice cream and watermelon.  


While you are at it help the young people in your life stop racing as well. Plan some summer fun activities in late August and September. Remember there are still weekends! Take some time to chat with neighbors before autumn/winter hibernation begins. Summer is not actually my favorite season, but this year I intend to make it last. You won’t find me in a race to the finish. I hope no one will find you there either.


Be the love in the world  :o)